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rachelandjesse's Journal

a community for glee's rachel and jesse
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the community.
Welcome to rachelandjesse! A shipping community for the characters of Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James on FOX's hit TV show Glee.

1. Divas are very sensitive people. Profane insults, cruel nicknames, and shouting, "YOU SUCK!" may cause tears. And when they cry, the sound makes the angels cry. Therefore: haters, flamers, and trolls—begone!
2. Please also refrain from bashing other ships, other characters, or other actors. Rachel may not get along with everyone, but she knows what it's like to have pornographic pictures of her drawn in the school bathrooms.
3. Use an LJ-cut for the following: spoilers, images larger than 500 x 500, multiple photos or videos, and long articles or interviews. If you’d like to share any fan creations (fics, vids, icons, ect.) directly with the community rather than link to your own journal, please also place these behind a cut.
4. Tags are your friend.
5. Please, no promotions. They tend to junk up the community.

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